Hi Friends!  This story is just so Pawsome!

“We Adopted Mali in the summer of 2015, who was Lego at the time. We entered the shelter that day with curiosity and hopefulness of making a connection with one of the cats, but just weren’t sure it would happen. As soon as we entered the room and met Mali, we knew we were in Love! He was so gentle and so small, with these Big Beautiful Eyes looking up at us, as if to ask, where have you been. Truly Love at first sight. He has fit into our family from Day One. He loves napping with his German Shepherd friend named Lady, he loves his human sister Jess and Adores his human brother Zach and the naps he takes with him. He Loves his human Dad Tommy and the interesting smell of coffee his dad drinks! Mali has to sniff at it every day! But most of all he Loves his human mom Marie,, who he loves to sit on and kneed her and lick and clean her hair and head. He completes our family and we are blessed to have him in our lives. I’m so glad we took the chance on The Tiny Cat with Beautiful Big Eyes, our Mali.”

Thank you Mali’s family for sharing this wonderful story….


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