Joanne Cerreto shared this beautiful love story between her 2 FOSOCAS cats she has adopted…”It took about 3 days for them to get used to each other. After that they were great together. Dalton is very protective of Molly. He follows her around or she follows him. They play together chasing each other and they sleep together most of the time. She may be smaller than him but she holds her own just fine! He can be a bully sometimes but if she growls he runs! lol. They really are great together and keep each other company.

Dalton is a people person, he loves attention. Molly is took her more than a month really trust me and let me get close…now she is a love bug…she loves to be carried around and sleep on my lap. Dalton definitely needed a playmate, I felt he was lonely when I went to work and that is why I adopted Molly. Best thing I did for both of them and me too!”

Thank you Joanne for sharing this beautiful story and for adopting 2 of our cats!


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