New Adopted Dog Safety Tips

…the risk of flight is highest at the time of adoption…

ALL NEW ADOPTIONS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A FLIGHT RISK – especially those dogs described as “skittish”.

Confirm that all information in the microchip is correct/up-to-date and maintain the microchip from year to year.

Dog should be properly fitted with collar and leash/harness – collar ID should include dog’s name and name/phone # of owner.

When traveling by car, make sure your dog is contained in a crate or secured with a leash/seat belt before opening the car door.

If you have a fenced yard, walk the perimeter and carefully inspect the fence to make sure there are no holes, gaps or areas where even a small dog can squeeze through and escape. Assure that the fence is tall enough to accommodate a large dog.

Remove any objects close to the fence that a dog can use to “launch” themselves over the fence.

Secure and latch all gates – unsecured/unlatched gates have been known to blow open in the wind or be left open by a contractor/meter reader.

Do not allow the dog off leash right away, even in a fenced yard.  Never allow your dog off leash unless you are 110% sure he will return to you when called, even when distracted.

Make sure your dog is secure before opening an exterior door; e.g., put the dog on a leash, put the dog in a room behind a closed door or put the dog behind a gate or in a crate.  An open door is an invitation to bolt throughout the life of any dog.

Place a note on the inside/outside of all exterior doors to remind yourself and guests to keep doors closed.

If someone else is caring for your dog, make sure they know how to enter and exit your home without the dog getting out.

Secure all windows and doors – do not leave a dog in a room with open windows/doors with screens – dogs have been known to break through screens.

Do not take a newly adopted dog out and about to new locations – allow your dog time to adjust to his new family, home and routines before taking him anywhere with you.

                                         …PREVENTION IS KEY…

In the event that your dog escapes and gets away from you call the following for help:

Stafford Township Animal Control  – 609-597-1000 x8525 (after business hours call Police)

Stafford Township Police Department  – 609-597-8581

Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter – 609-978-0127

Download Document: Dog Safety Tips

New Dog Adoption Safety Tips

  1.  Even if you were told your pup is housetrained it’s best to still take precautions.  Take him out frequently and reward him for going where you want him to do his business.  Use gates/crates/keep on leash when not being fully supervised until you are certain he is indeed housetrained.
  2. AN ESCAPED DOG IS ONE OF THE MORE COMMON PROBLEMS PEOPLE EXPERIENCE WITH NEWLY ADOPTED DOGS.  It’s imperative to go in the backyard with him preferably on leash.  Keep him on leash inside the house when any door is open so you can hold onto him.  In time this won’t be necessary, but initially it is.
  3. Please no overwhelming him with meeting too many people at one time.  Let him get comfortable first with your household members.  Keep his world small at first.  No big outings where he is introduced to too many people at once. 
  4. If you have dogs already in your home it’s best to introduce one dog at a time to your new dog in neutral territory (at a location your resident dog has never been).  If you have a cat already in the home please keep separated and introduce slowly. 
  5. If at all possible, please have your new dog sleep in your room with you on a nice comfy bed.  Being in a strange place can be frightening.  If not possible to sleep in your room let him stay in an area of the house where you spend time.  Scents are very important to dogs and it will help him be comfortable if he is surrounded by the scents of his new family.
  6.  Ensure he has a safe space, somewhere he can retreat to if he feels overwhelmed by his new environment. 

Download Document: Dog Adoption Tips