Memorial Donation

Often times in grief, we seek to honor the memory of a deceased family member, friend or colleague by donating money to a philanthropic organization.  Somehow knowing that good is coming from grief helps us to heal.  The Friends of Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter aid and reduce homeless companion animals in our region.  We accept donations made in the memory of a deceased individual and the designated donor will receive an email informing them of your donation.

In Honor Donation

Have someone in your life for whom gift giving is a real challenge?  Are you teaching children the importance of helping the less fortunate?  Is there a milestone occasion to celebrate? Consider a donation made in his/her honor.  The designated honoree will receive an email informing them of your donation.


1. Select the Donate Button

2.  Enter the desired donation amount.

3.  Scroll Down to Dedicate My Donation

4.  Fill out the Information (you might need to scroll up the page to see it)

5.  Finish the Donation Process

6.  You will receive an acknowledgement and the recipient will also  receive an acknowledgement.