Dear Friends,
It is time for our March Madness Membership Drive! The Friends Organization is funded mostly by donations from you, our supporters! We get a few small grants but the work we do is not possible without you. Our fee to join the Friends of Southern Ocean Animal Shelter (FOSOCAS) is $10 a year! That $10 helps us with the following programs:
*TNR: Trap, Neuter, Return of feral cats. TNR is the most humane and effective method known for managing feral and stray cats and reducing their numbers. Friends’ Volunteer TNR group spends 100’s of hours, trapping, vetting, releasing, feeding and caring for colonies in the southern Ocean County area a month. In 2019, we TNR’d 270 cats.
*Veterinary Care for cats & dogs in our foster & rescue programs. From the simple to the complex, we make sure every homeless pet is well taken care of.
*Foster program for kittens and cats that are in our care. We provide food, medicine, & medical care to these cats. For kittens who are too young to eat solid food, we have a baby bottle program. Once they are ready, we put them in our adoption program at PetSmart and Adopt-A-Pet online. In 2019, we adopted out 74 cats through our program.
*Shelter Cat Socialization Program at the Manahawkin Shelter. Our volunteer cat socializers volunteered 153 hours in February 2020 alone.
*Dog Walking program at the Manahawkin Shelter; our volunteers volunteered over 7000 hours in 2019!
*We have been instrumental in reducing euthanasia at the Manahawkin shelter of felines with our TNR program, spay & neuter policy & our adoption programs.

We do all of this on a limited budget & with volunteers who are dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless pets. With the cancellation of a few of our smaller fundraisers this spring due to the Corona virus, our membership drive is even more important so we can continue our work.

Membership perks include a free luncheon at the Annual Meeting & the purrfectly pawsome feeling of helping homeless pets!

We thank each of you for supporting us because without you we can’t do all that we do! Please share this email with your friends and family and help us to reach a goal of 1500 members!

Dottie Reynolds, Founder of FOSOCAS & the entire Board of the Friends.

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