This is the first in installments of the “Mar & Jer” story. Mar is Marilyn, a person, and Jer is Jerry, a cat. Jer is a former resident of the feral cat colony at the Barnegat Lighthouse and he now lives happily with his mom, Marilyn, in Massachusetts. Jer loves to write and he has started a blog that we will share with you here in FOSOCAS “In the News”. Mar & Jer are so thankful that FOSOCAS brought them together.

Jerry’s Wisdom Tails

Blog by Jerry for FOSOCAS


I can’t lie. Not to you. The first night in my new home was SCARY. My foster mom, my best
friend for two years, said it was my new forever home. Really? I gotta deal with this FOREVER?
It was maybe 5 or 6 at night when Two – Foot Driver brought me, in a CAGE, mind you, up a
flight of stairs. After 6 hours in a car. Banging into the wall the whole way. Dropped the Prison Bar Box onto the floor and proceeded to empty the rest of the stuff out of the car. She came back and a bit later and opened the prison door. I waited. She got busy doing stuff and I ran out of
Prison Bar Box away from her general direction. I hid. Under something. For a long time. It started to get a bit dark. She was in another
room, counters, a stove, a fridge between us. TV was on softly, but underneath the voices there
were Little Noises. Scurrying and Scuffling and such. Then I heard a Two-Foot sort of scream. Squawk, more like.
I didn’t check it out. Then I heard Two-Foot say, well whine, actually…“This is all wrong! I got a cat! The cat is Hiding and the MOUSE is RUNNING around the
kitchen. What’s wrong with this picture?!” Several years… and several mice later, I remember again what to do. But honestly, tell
your new Two-Foot that its hard to know, when everything seems different, what isn’t really different at all. Hard to remember when everything’s changed. But give yourself time. And remind Two-Foot to do the same. Encourage Re-evaluation of Priorities.

Virtuous Paragon
If patience were easy, it wouldn’t be a virtue.

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