My name is Blanket.  I think I was given that name by one of the children I lived with because my coat is  as soft as a blanket.  I lived with my family for 10 years until they fell on hard times and couldn’t take care of me anymore.  That’s how I found myself at the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter in Manahawkin.  I’ve watched as the other dogs around me were either adopted or went to rescues and I don’t understand why I’ve been overlooked.  I might be a senior but I’m in good health and I’ve got a lot of living left in me.  I love my daily walks with the volunteers and the staff takes good care of me but what I really want is a home and a family that will give me the love and attention that I had for 10 years.  I prefer to be treasured as your only pet in the home.  I am spayed – no puppies for me – I’ve had all my shots and I am microchipped in case I ever got away from you.  But, I promise that if you take a chance and open your heart and your home to me, I will never leave your side.   Won’t you please call the shelter today – 609-978-0127 – and make an appointment to meet me?  You won’t be disappointed!

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