We could always use more volunteers! You must be at least 21 years of age and be capable of walking large dogs if you are interested in being a volunteer dog walker. Cat and kitten socializers needed as well. Stop by the shelter to fill out an application or you can find a copy here to bring to the shelter.. Dog walkers can also contact Kathy at rt72e@yahoo.com.

Words from a volunteer:
Volunteering for an organization takes effort. It takes you doing something you enjoy and packaging it in a way that only you can help.

My story is similar to so many; I wanted to volunteer, but life was always keeping me from putting myself out there. So, one day in January of 2015, I stopped over, filled out the application and then a very sweet woman named Kelly called. Kelly, you changed my life forever. Since then, I have given this new part of my life, the wonderful name of “JOY!” This joy, is probably my 2nd biggest paycheck (only 2nd to my family) Paycheck you say? Well, I get paid in great gifts… love from the paws, unsuspecting kisses, and poop! :c) and “likes/Comments” on our posts from you! But this “JOY!” doesn’t come without heartbreak, because we are human. We become attached to the paws at the shelter. We look at them all, as if they are our own. For the 3 hours that we walk dogs or socialize with the cats, they are ours! We love them, we care for them, we even spoil them. But, that’s just the walking side.

We have so many who are the voices for the precious furbabies. They are the ones who do all of the behind the scenes work. The really hard stuff, that goes unnoticed. The begging and pleading for help! Then we have a lot of us like me, who can’t come to the shelter everyday but can give time to try and connect with you: the reader, the fan, the loyal sharer, another of our furlover family.

Volunteering isn’t necessarily about how much you give, its about what you give. Some of us, want to give but are unable to; so for you sharing our posts, stories, pictures, and commenting on those things is more help then you realize. Without you “faithful unknowing volunteer”, our paws wouldn’t reach as many people, our paws would go without the donations they desperately needs, and our organization would not be where it is today. Thank you, “faithful unknowing volunteer”, you really DO make a difference, even with one click! – KW

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the HEART!” – Elizabeth Andrew.

Photo by Steve Moran