Hi – To the kind staff at the Rescue Center:

We want to thank you for introducing us to your Otto – whom our 5 & 8 year olds have named Sunny because of his golden coat and wonderful disposition.  This sweet cat had been at your shelter for 6 months and we adopted him primarily because you told us he was most at risk.  Your notes on his cage had said he was skittish and likely not suited for a family with children or other cats.  We have both and took a chance to save his life.

We are delighted to tell you that his “shelter personality” you observed is completely different from his “family personality”.  On the first day he was skittish, very scared, and spent most of the afternoon under our bed. That night he met our 5 yr old Maine Coon Cat (also a male rescue cat) and after an initial hissing and swatting moment he curled up on the floor next to his new brother.

On the second day he rested & played with our young children, rubbed noses with our cat, and intermittently swatted with him. That night he slept at the foot of our bed and by the next morning he was on the bed curled up back to back with his new brother cat.

We wanted you to know we are thrilled with our new baby cat (you thought he was 3-5, we think he looks and acts like he is 1-3) and were hoping you might tell other adopting families that the cats they see in the shelter can absolutely warm up very quickly and display personality traits completely different than what they show you in the shelter.  It took less than 2 days for a cat who spent 6 months in a shelter to go from a cat considered not good with children or other cats to become the loved family member in a home with 2 children and another cat!

Thank you for providing a loving temporary home for the cats and helping them find permanent homes.

All good wishes,
Mary from LBI