Mr. Darcy left this world on October 21, 2007. He died as he had lived – quietly and peacefully, with grace and dignity. He was home in his own bed, in my arms.

Every day that I spent with Mr. Darcy was a gift. He was the most gentle of creatures, always at peace with the world, always content with his life. Although his body was never strong, his spirit was a masterpiece of light, love and tranquility.

His world was one of joy and kindness. Mr. Darcy loved each of his siblings, be they canine or feline. He loved to run down the beach with Phoebe and Jack. He loved to share an oatmeal cookie with me. More than anything, he loved to be around his family, just quiet and together.

His life was a relatively short one, but because he was so grounded, so serene, every day with him was special and I feel as though he and I shared a long, full life together. If I can learn that lesson from him and remember it each day, he will have given me more than many people ever have. He truly knew the secret to happiness.

Goodbye for now my beautiful, beautiful boy. Phoebe and Jack are waiting for you. I know that I will see you again.

As written by Thorn Delaney


Mr. Darcy was originally found frozen to the ground and was brought into our facility as a stray. All immediately fell in love with him and we nursed him back to health the best we could. Mr. Darcy did have a severe heart murmur, but Thorn Delaney adopted him anyway. She gave him the best of medical care and the best of homes for the rest of the time he had left. Thank you so much for taking care of our boy.