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This letter came to us from one of our former clients, Joe:

Dear Ocean County Animal Facility,

I hope you like the photo album that my mommy, daddy and I made for you.  I just wanted to send you a letter to tell you how I’ve been doing these last few months. I live in a three bedroom house with a big fenced in yard. The best part is that my grandparents, great grandparents and great aunt all live behind us. Its like a big compound and I get to take walks to all their houses. I love it. I get so excited when I see the leash.

When I got to my new house I got to know my new brother Huey. (He’s in some of the pictures with me.) We were not really sure of each other at first but now we are inseparable. My mommy and daddy are great. I get to sleep in bed with them every night. My mommy and I snuggle together. And I get treats all the time. I get treats after walks, when I come in from the back yard and sometimes I get one just for being me.

As you may have heard, my lump on my throat was thyroid carcinoma (cancer). I had surgery on February 2nd. My doctor told my mommy and daddy it was really big and it had veins and muscles feeding into the lump. I had a rough week after my surgery, but I am doing better then ever now. My doctor told my mommy and daddy I healed up great. By removing the lump of cancer my mommy and daddy bought me more time here with them. All I know is that I bark a lot more now since that bid old lump is gone.

I gained 22 lbs since I left you guys. I’m 80 lbs. You cannot see any of my ribs or my backbone. I have big old belly now. My mommy and daddy say I’m healthy as a horse.

I just wanted to tell you guy’s, thank you for holding on to me until I found a new home. My new mommy and daddy are the best! I know that I may not live too long since I have cancer but I know that as long as I do live I will be happier than any other dog in the world.

Thank you,

Joe, Huey, Susan & Bryan