To All,

In April I adopted Liesel (here Elsie). She was a sweetheart, we had the best time together! On the 9th day she jumped up on the sofa – sat there, looked around as if saying “I’m here”. She loved riding in the car, barking at boats and ducks, waiting at the fence for biscuits from nice neighbors, going to Rita’s for ice cream treats, being at my side while I did the gardening, etc.

She gained weight, developed muscles in her bad hips and enjoyed the fenced yard. To my cats, she was a horse, they were terrified and for several months they spent a lot of time in the closets. We worked on that and eventually they realized she wouldn’t hurt them and they became friends.

Liesel never chewed up anything – just enjoyed carrying my shoes and slippers from the bedroom into the living room. When I said “bedtime” she trotted down the hall to bed.

It started with a cough/gag, meds, and then an x-ray by Dr. Wurst…the worst lung cancer. Dr. Taylor was wonderful, and exactly 6 months after I adopted her she was euthanized at our home.

I am so thankful that we had the time together and that you all took care of her until I walked in looking to adopt a Cocker Spaniel and walked out with Liesel, the old Doberman. I am thankful too, that I had the money to spend on her medical care. She had six happy months, good food, and lots of hugs and kisses – a loving home.

Thank you,

Tricia Becknell