Thought I’d drop a line and let you folks know how Cocoa is doing.

On June 23rd, 2006 I adopted a red and rust female Doberman Pinscher about 6 1/2 years old named Cocoa from SOCAF. My wife and I couldn’t possibly love her more. She is very well behaved and a “real lady” – even walks around puddles because she doesn’t like to get her feet wet! She recently had a lipoma (a benign tumor made up of fat cells) removed at the North Shore Animal Hospital near our home, and is doing just fine. She sees the Vet regularly, and just had her teeth cleaned.

She has a 50′ x 50′ fenced yard to play in with a nice lawn and trees and flowers, as well as three beds of her own in various locations throughout the house. I was a N.Y.C. Fire Dept. paramedic for over thirty years and was forced to retire due to cardiac problems. Cocoa has brought fun and activity back into my life and made me young again. I cook her dinner every day with chicken breasts, cottage cheese, a fresh egg, and Inova kibble.

She’s very healthy and looks beautiful. People always stop us on our long daily walks and admire her. You people do wonderful and important work and I want to thank you for bringing together a gentle and deserving dog and an old fireman, who needed to get more fun out of life.

Sincerely, Norman Lantz