• DO schedule volunteer time (between the hours of 9 – 12 and/or 1 – 4) through
  • DO keep informed through the website and Facebook
  • DO sign in/out at the front desk
  • DO check the walkable list posted at the front desk, paying attention to the green, yellow, red color code
  • DO walk only those dogs for which you are eligible (everyone starts green and advances through yellow to red)
  • DO read the signs posted on the dog’s kennel
  • DO walk with two martingale collars or one martingale collar/one harness
  • DO get dogs out/put them back one at a time
  • DO take dogs out the back door when the shelter is open to the public
  • DO attach your leash to the ring of the martingale collar BEFORE opening the gate to get the dog out
  • DO keep your leash short when passing by other dogs inside and exit quickly
  • DO harness the dog out of sight of other dogs, as best as possible
  • DO carry poop bags and always clean up after your dog
  • DO limit treats
  • DO walk in designated areas, remaining on the shelter side of the street
  • DO use the entrance/exit closest to the dog’s kennel, minimizing the time in the hallway in front of other dogs
  • DO block other dogs in/out, when necessary, to eliminate proximity with other dogs when getting them out/putting them back
  • DO ask for help, when necessary
  • DO check all latches, inside and out, often
  • DO observe the dog’s behavior and report anything unusual to the staff
  • DO communicate with other volunteers
  • DO wear proper footwear – no flip-flops or open sandals
  • DO learn the location of the DMV Inspection Station (the most commonly asked question while walking)
  • DO have fun!!


  • DON’T kiss or put your face near the dog
  • DON’T enter the courtyard or quarantine areas
  • DON’T enter the inside kennels
  • DON’T sit on the floor/ground
  • DON’T approach/walk a dog that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • DON’T share information about a dog with the public or allow any dog to interact with the public, refer them to a staff member for assistance
  • DON’T walk dogs in too close proximity to other dogs