Cat Foster Information & Application

Why Do We Need Foster Homes for Cats?

FOSOCAS does not have a shelter.

All cats in our care live in foster homes until they are adopted.

We can’t rescue cats without foster homes to care for them.

Cat Foster Process

 1. We Assess Cats Prior to Foster Placement

Before going to a foster home, all FOSOCAS cats have been:

Assessed by a FOSOCAS volunteer regarding health and temperament

Examined by a veterinarian

Tested for feline AIDS/leukemia (unless under 4-6 weeks of age)

Vaccinated for rabies and distemper (as appropriate based on age and health)

Spayed/neutered (as appropriate based on age and health)

Treated for any known health issues (or treatment is underway)

Note: It is common for foster cats to need follow up vet care, at FOSOCAS’ expense, while in foster care.

2. We Match Cats with Foster Homes

You do not need prior experience with cats or fostering to become a foster parent.

We match the needs of our cats with your level of experience, work and travel schedules, and home environment (e.g., living space, activity level in your home, other pets, children).

After submitting your application,

You will receive an email with additional information about the program.

FOSOCAS will contact you by phone to discuss our foster program, our adoption policies and procedures, and cats in our care that need foster homes.

Note: As a foster parent, you are agreeing to abide by our foster care and adoption policies and procedures.

FOSOCAS will contact you as soon as possible. If you don’t hear from us in 48 hours, please contact us

Sue at or Val at 

Foster Application

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