The Lesniak Institute for American Leadership is a NJ based non-profit that was formed by former NJ Senator Raymond J. Lesniak. Their mission is to train the next generation of leaders and advocates. Advocating for animal rights is a passion of the former senator and of The Lesniak Institute.

They recently published the following message:

Former State Senator Raymond Lesniak is calling on attorneys to volunteer to provide 25 hours a year representing the interests of animals in animal cruelty crimes. Out of state and retired attorneys and law students are eligible to join. The organization will become effective once S2868, sponsored by Senators Scutari and Addiego, and A4533 sponsored by Assembly members Mukherji and Quijano, become law. 
Lesniak explained that animals experience pain and fear and are to be treated humanely. “This legislation will give voice to the voiceless and raise awareness of the gravity of animal cruelty,” explained Lesniak. 
Under the legislation, the court may order an advocate to be appointed to represent the best interests of and justice for the animal. The advocate shall attend hearings, share with attorneys for the state and defense counsel any information concerning the condition of the animal and the defendant’s actions, and present recommendations to the court that relate to the best interests of the animal and justice. Similar legislation, named Desmond’s Law, has been enacted in Connecticut. 
Any lawyers or law students interested in volunteering should email

The Lesniak Institute for American Leadership

Please share this so our most vulnerable pet population can have the legal representation they so deserve! Thank you!

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