The Zaic Family writes, “I am so happy to update you that Sophie and Bruce have settled in as if they’ve lived here their whole lives. They are so sweet and well behaved! Their favorite activities include sitting on our laps,  snuggling, and kissing, lol. Our hearts are bursting with love for them and we are so thrilled that we get to be their forever home.

I was prepared for a lot of work on the housebreaking front, but Bruce has not had a single accident and Sophie only had a few pee accidents the first two days- since then she has been accident free and they are both going to the door when they have to go out.

I’ve been working with them on walking on the leash without pulling (I’m getting them harnesses today) and they are already sitting nicely for treats. They are very smart and pick things up quickly. All it takes with them is positivity, encouragement, and sometimes treats 😉

We are totally in love with them and they are so comfortable and at ease. Attached you’ll see that they even sleep with smiles on their faces. Thank you so much for allowing us to bring them home- we are so grateful! You took such good care of Sophie and Bruce, we’d love to pay it forward to other dogs and cats still waiting for their forever home.”

Thank you Zaic Family for sending us this sweet update!

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