Hi Friends!  Another wonderful success story!  Colleen messaged us,

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for picking us too be the lucky family who was able to bring this lil guy home! Alf, or as we call him Alfie Walfie, is the sweetest boy ever! He came to us wee wee pads trained, stays by our side at all times whether on or off leash and just wants to be snuggled all day long! He came in as a stray but, someone either let him go or lost him sadly because he is the best behaved dog who does great with any kind of animal literally! He is truly the perfect fit for my girls and I and we can’t thank you enough for blessing us with the opportunity to give him a forever home! Thankful, Colleen, Sonia, and Haylie”

These messages always make our day brighter and our hearts bigger!  Thank you Colleen, Sonia & Haylie for not only sharing your story but sharing your lives & hearts with a “rescue” pup!


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