• Maureen
    November 17, 2017 at 2:49 pm #3030

    Many do not participate in Facebook. But, you can see the videos that we post on FB right on our homepage. Just scroll down and you will see the YouTube icon and the most recent video will appear. You can scroll through the videos and see the adoption efforts. For those of you who do follow on FB, the more comments and shares our posts get, the more they are moved through the newsfeeds. We post in six hour intervals so you have plenty of time to add or share to a post!

    We have also started a forum/bulletin board. Go to the homepage on the website and click on the Forum tab. You will need to register and will have to log in but the forum provides a way to post general information. Entry does require a “captcha”. It is suggested that you increase the “zoom” on your workstation to better see the images to correctly identify things to satisfy the captcha. If the forum/bulletin board is used heavily, we can explore giving different groups their own forum. Also on the webpage we have created a form for the Friends Feline Fosters to register their kittens. This will provide a master inventory and help with accounting.

    We have a professional photographer willing to give us a hand at PetSmart to photograph any felines still in foster care. We are now able to advertise these animals on AdoptaPet and have created a link from the webpage. If you have a foster and would be interested in what we are calling the Feline Foster Foto Fest, please drop an email to webmaster@fosocas.org. and if we get sufficient interest we will set a date.

    Your recent newsletter was sent via MailChimp, a bulk mailing program. Many email programs will sort your mail for you and the algorithm recognizes this as bulk mail and will put it in your promotions box. If you enter Friends of Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter as one of your contacts and include the web address you may get the email in your main box. Give this a try or move it from you promotions to your primary box and it may be placed there again on the next mailing.

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    Jovan Mena
    December 8, 2017 at 2:40 pm #3061

    Thank you for the info.

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