• davefollmers
    March 29, 2018 at 2:18 am #3149


    I have one of the minifigure-scale moulded leopards (pictured below) and wanted to get another one on the secondary market. So I ordered one from a reputable seller and got what looks like a minifigure-scale lioness, not a leopard. It’s the same mould, but a different colour and doesn’t have the same printing. Its face printing consists of blue eyes, a pink nose and a white muzzle. It has no body print. Also, it is dark tan, not tan like the leopard. It’s definitely LEGO, not a clone or bootleg: it has the LEGO mark moulded inside the recess of the studs on its back and a printed code inside its front right paw just like the leopard’s. I haven’t been able to find a lioness in any of the sets, so I’m wondering what I have. I quite like it so will probably hang onto it. But can anyone shed light on this mysterious beast?
    Please help.

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